Landscape and Design Services in VT


Kathryn’s Gardens offers landscape design, installation and maintenance services for commercial and residential properties. We work with all size jobs, and our creations range from the whimsical (imagine elaborate outdoor railroads) to the contemplative (such as Zen gardens) and of course the eternal beauty of the country gardens found in England.

The Process

Kathryn’s process starts with an in-depth initial meeting at the client’s home. This meeting gives her a sense of the homeowner’s style – including decor, favorite colors and design inspirations – and gives her an opportunity to understand their needs and expectations. She also spends time studying and envisioning the outdoor space, to understand the environment and any challenges it presents.

Landscape & Design

After drawing up a design, Kathryn visits the client a second time to present and discuss her plans, and to make sure it’s a good fit for the homeowner and the site. Homeowners often have very strong visions for their landscape, and rightly so; Kathryn’s easygoing nature allows her to tailor her plans to those expectations, and she takes extra time up-front to ensure that those visions dovetail well.

Landscape Installation

Kathryn chooses locally grown plants and has a deep understanding of the best plants for the location and desired look.

Site work and stone work is often a major part of our design installations. Kathryn’s longstanding partnerships and affiliations with local stone masons and contractors allow her to execute broad visions that take a landscape far beyond the small cottage garden.

Ongoing Maintenance

In order to keep your new gardens flourishing, you may choose to have Kathryn’s Gardens care for them. We offer weekly, bi-monthly and monthly garden maintenance options that will ensure the healthiest plants over time. Our maintenance includes hydration, fertilization, aeration, and cultivation.
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