Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The mission of Kathryn’s Gardens is to create playful, healthy and usable landscapes that bring greater peace and order to people’s daily lives.

A successful landscape — whether it’s a cottage garden or a community development – takes many years to establish and mature. We know this well and plan our gardens accordingly by emphasizing up-front investment in healthy soils and responsible planning that considers the environment, both local and global.

Because gardens are a true legacy that you will leave behind, it is essential that they be created over time employing the understanding of the natural flow of a piece of property. Our approach can help you build your ultimate garden over a number of years.
Kathry's Gardens Elegant Landscaping
Our long-term view and our emphasis on sustainability – both from an environmental and a budgetary standpoint – ensures a greater client satisfaction and a greater plant survival rate, both of which are important to our definition of success.

Finally, we also support our local (economic) environment by working with local growers, rather than importing plants from conglomerates in faraway climates.

We take a great deal of pride in cultivating this mission with every project we undertake.
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